Why Choose Freestate Bonds?

Our probate bond experts have decades of experience.

- Our Experts

Donna Stolzenbach

Donna is a licensed surety agent focused on probate bond sales and processing. Donna brings more than 30 years of experience in insurance and surety to Freestate Bonds. She is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to those needing probate bond services. She specializes in helping lawyers with their clients’ needs by providing timely bond quotes and fulfillment.

Felicia Thomas

Regardless of your surety bond need, Felicia is ready to help. With a focus on Probate surety, Felicia can answer any questions you have regarding bond types, court documents and best rate options. A licensed agent, she brings 25 years of insurance experience to Freestate Bonds in the areas of auto and property & casualty. This experience combined with her surety knowledge means Felicia is able to assist with all commercial bond options.

- How We Help You

Exceptional Customer Service

At Freestate Bonds we serve our community with expertise, quick decisions and same day bond issuance. We believe in the adage “you can hear a smile”. We give you that smile while saving you time and money. With our many underwriting partners, we can insure you speed and value.

Probate Bond Expertise

With so many different probate and court bonds, you need someone who can find the right product for your situation. We are here to hear your story, explain your options and get you the right product. Count on us to help you determine your fiduciary bond need.

Support for the Legal Community

When lawyers need quick access to court bonds for their clients, they can count on Freestate.  Refer your clients to us to get the bond often same day. We take your client’s legal and credit situation to a number of underwriters to get the best rate. Bonds are often approved and issued the same day. Overnight bond service is also available.

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